Monday, October 1, 2007

LDS Conference Packets for Kids

Hey everyone! Check your e-mail for a WAY cute packet to print out for your kids for Conference this weekend. If you didn't get an e-mail it is because I don't have your e-mail address, you already got it from Holly, or I didn't think you'd need it - so if you didn't get one and WANT one please e-mail me and I'll get it to you.

Nothing else really to "N" is still sticky which is bugging me like crazy....OH, I killed a KILLER FLY earlier....I'm serious, it was the biggest fly I've ever seen - it would have fed a spider for a MONTH! I only had a towel so I kept wacking it and it would fall on the floor, so I'd start to walk away only to have it start flying again, one time it even flew behind the Armoire in our room after I wacked it so I thought, "Oh, good, it's really gone now" and then wouldn't you know it, I walked into the bathroom and came out again and there it was flying around, seeming a little wounded but flying nonetheless - maybe it bit the cat and inherited it's 9 lives or something. ARGH! Anyway, I finally got it, happily flushed it down the toilet and I'm probably the only person on earth that can write an entire paragraph about killing a fly. :) Seriously, it's been the most exciting thing to happen today - pretty sad, huh! :)

OOh, OOh, I just remembered something that Gabe said when I got him out of his chair this morning after breakfast.... every time we take a picture we say "Oh, CUTE" so now he goes around with his toy camera, clicks it, and then says "TUTE!" Well, today when I got him out of his chair he said, "Mommy so tute TOO!" completely out of the blue - no camera attached or anything, I repeated what I thought he said just to be sure I got it right, and he confirmed it by saying Mm Hmm, while nodding his head. I said "Thank you, Gabe is SO CUTE TOO!" and then he said "Mommy TOO!" again and then planted a kiss on my leg (all he could reach since I'd put him down on the ground by this time) SO SWEET, that will carry me through the chaos that is called Gabriel for the rest of the day I think. OK, so I guess that was better than the fly story - I just had to think a little harder.



Tiburon said...

I got my packet and it is fab-u-lous! Thanks for sending it my way :)

Jen Randall said...

I came across this blog looking for conference packets for kids. If you read this could you please email me your cute packet for conference. Thank you.Jen My emai is

catherine said...

I also was looking for fun things for the kids to do during conference, please email me your packet for conference
My email is
Thank you, Catherine Clark

6L's said...

would love the conf pkt. :)