Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flowers in a BOX!

We went to Wheeler Farm and took family pictures with the Miller family on Friday afternoon and Mark had a few errands to run afterward so I took the boys home and was thrilled to see a BOX of flowers on my front porch!! I've never had flowers from a BOX before, it was a lot of fun trying to guess who they could be from while I got the boys situated inside. Of course I had my suspicions that it would be my sweet husband, but I couldn't think of anything I could have done to deserve them - so my mind kept racing at who else it could be. They WERE from Mark with an incredibly sweet card attached and they are BEAUTIFUL! It was so much fun snipping off the ends, filling the vase with water, adding the plant food and arranging them myself! The sad part about this story is that my house was a WRECK! I felt really guilty when Mark got home...."Hey sweetie! Thanks for the flowers, welcome to TORNADOVILLE!" I have since cleaned up thank goodness...the boys are off-track right now and we don't have our "system" down quite yet. We'll probably get the hang of things right about the time they go back. :)

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