Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Signing Time!

I got to go on a date with my two "middles" on Monday night! We went to "Signing Time Live!" at Cottonwood High School. I was a little nervous that Sam might be too old but he LOVED it! Especially when Leah came from the stage and handed us a handful of little rubber frogs! When Hopkins (a great big frog) came onto the stage Sam was really confused because on the DVDs he is just a tiny cartoon frog - so I thought for a second, then just went for it and told Sam that it wasn't really Hopkins, it was just a guy in a costume dressed like Hopkins. Well, Sam wouldn't go for it. Mom, I don't think that's a guy in there, because how could he even see? Mom, I think he is not big enough to have a person INSIDE of him.....finally I gave up and said, "Hmmm, maybe Hopkins just grew really big for the show tonight" that settled him because apparently that notion is MUCH easier to believe than the fact that it was just a normal person in there. So much for being truthful, I guess he's not as grown up as I sometimes make him out to be. :) We went with some of our most FAVORITE people and that made it even more fun! We saw more friends when we were there too! I haven't been able to get Gabe to watch Signing Time lately because he's been SO into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but he LOVED IT and clapped and danced along with the rest of 'em. I've even been able to get him to watch it since. YAY! I'm so glad that Jenna called to see if we wanted tickets too, I didn't even know they were doing a show! I told Sam he was a great date and he said "yep, I'm the best date EVER, we should go on dates ALL THE TIME!" I was really glad I decided to bring him along. :)

My cute boys! We got there early so it looks like nobody is there yet. It filled up later. We had to move 3 TIMES because we kept sitting in the wrong place.

This is "Hopkins" it was his "surprise party" with Lindsay, Sam and Emily. Gabe wouldn't have anything to do with him.


DIANE said...

Man, I am out of the loop. I didn't even recognize those cartoon people!! Love to read your blog each day!! Your family is adorable.

Tiburon said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you had a nice date :)

Lisa said...

How FUN! You and your boys. You are such a cute little mama! I so miss you! I'm feeling more connected through your blog though. Let's hang out soon. Love ya!

Christine Cook said...

Cool, I wanted to go to that. Did you know that Catherine is in one of the signing time videos??