Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

A few weeks ago we went to the Pumpkin Patch for family night. They have a darling spot right in the patch to take perfect pumpkin patch pictures (say that three times fast, hehe!) I had turned the house upside down looking for Will's cute halloween shirt and couldn't find it so I settled on a halloween sleeper that barely fit him and his pumpkin hat. Everyone else wore their halloween shirts and the weather was perfect. We got them all situated on the hay and I went to click the picture only to realize that my camera had no memory card. Where was it? Still in the memory card reader left there from updating the blog. ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I vowed to return and take pictures another day but then the weather turned freezing and then we got busy. Well, on Thursday I had a few errands to run and it was a beautiful day AND they were in their halloween shirts so I stopped by the pumpkin patch again to take our picture - lucky for me, it is practically next door.

We had Brayden with us so I snapped a few cute pictures of him. He was SOO excited about the tractor that kept driving by that I couldn't get him to smile, I think he was kind of mad at me for trying when there was a totally awesome tractor to look at nearby - how silly of me! :) He kept saying "See it? See it Mennie?" SO CUTE!

I made these cookies on Thursday night. The boys had a blast decorating theirs and ate them before I could snap a picture. Gabe's favorite was "Toodles" the Mickey Mouse head that is also the shape of the Toodles character on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and those are the only ones he would eat. :) They were so YUMMY!! I love sugar cookies!

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