Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! The boys have been on a Halloween "high" ALL MORNING, and the sugar hasn't even started yet! For breakfast this morning they were plotting on how to get rid of their mom and dad - Why you ask? I think it might have something to do with me starting the conversation this morning by telling them I think it's time to set some new family no more chores for Mom and the kids have to do all the work, and that mom and dad should get to have sugar for breakfast etc...the kicker was probably when I told them that when they get home from trick-or-treating tonight they'd have to put all their candy in a big "mom and dad" bowl and eat salad while we ate all their candy....Anyway, then Sharla called so I talked to her for a minute and when I got off the phone they were plotting to do away with me. I have no idea why!! :) So...They decided on baking us in the oven and turning us into a Gingerbread Man and Woman, then they could eat us. Yum! I asked them what they would do without a mom and dad and Sam said they would just get a babysitter to stay with them forever, then Josh said that they would turn the babysitter into a cookie too and so get the idea. So then I asked them who would buy them school clothes and Joshua said they wouldn't go to school, they'd just stay home and play all day, and Sam said they'd just "play" school at home, so then I said that you have to actually know big things like times-tables and stuff to "play" school and Josh said "I DO know my times-tables!" WHAT! (that is what I thought in my head) - So then I tested him and said "oh, yeah..what is 4x2? He answered 8! without a second hesitation...hmm....okay..."what is 4x3? - this one took him a minute but he said 12! Okay....2x3? 6! WOW! He really does know his times-tables! Some of them at least. Who knew!! :) Anyway, that is just an example of the conversations at our house. No real rhyme or reason, anything goes. :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, have fun TRICK-OR-TREATING!! (Gabe is a TOTAL pro at this by the way. If you ask him what he's going to do he will run to a wall or door, pound on it and say "knock-knock - Tic-do-deet!") I can't wait for tonight!


Tiburon said...

Happy Halloween to you! Where are the pictures!?!

reagan said...

Mel, OF COURSE I KNOW YOU. I wore crocs in your slippery driveway, then i sat in Lisa's car and almost rolled down the driveway in the passenger seat. Last I saw you, you were still preggy! Isn't it great to be on the other end of pregnancy? Thank you for your blog address so that I have you to stalk! Your boys are so handsome!
See you soon I hope.

lisareneenielsen said...

I love those boys of yours! I would like to volunteer to be the "babysitter that stays with them forever." :) Eight THAT would be some serious fun! And by the way.....I think Josh is better at math than I am. How sad is that?!