Friday, November 2, 2007

Last of the Halloween Goodies...

Happy November!!! Since I still have a few Halloween stories to post I thought I'd better do it fast before November gets too much underway. Seriously though...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALREADY NOVEMBER!!!! At the end of this month I'm going to have a three month old and I swear he was just born a week ago!!! ARGH! I can't believe how fast time flies by!!

Anyway, we've had such a busy week! Saturday we went to a Halloween party at our friend's house. We all dressed up and it was SOOOO much fun! Rachelle did WAAAAAY too much and everyone had such a ball! I guessed the correct amount of Goblin's droppings in the jar and got to bring home the jar of Milk Duds!! She even sent all the kids home with darling little halloween themed snow globes!
Sorry for the blurry was all I had, but Gabe is in such true costume character...don't you think?? :)

Tuesday we went to Murray Park with our friends Tricia, Cydney and Ben. It was SO much fun! We went to Burger King first and the kids had a blast playing in the playplace there, so much in fact that we had a hard time getting them to leave to go to the park. We'd never been to Murray Park and it was SO pretty and SO much fun. The kids had a ball playing on the playground and then we went and fed the ducks. There were leaves EVERYWHERE, it was SO beautiful! I tried to get a picture of Will in all of the leaves but he didn't think it was very much fun AT ALL so I could only take a few before he totally lost it. I guess being set down in a bed of crunchy scratchy leaves is about as fun as it sounds!! :)

Monday night we went to a Halloween Carnival put on by Elise's Drill team. We went last year and the boys loved it so they were UBER excited to go when they found out she was doing it again this year. They wore their costumes and played lots and lots of games with tickets, ate cotton candy, hot dogs, soda, cupcakes and every other kind of sugary thing you can think of. Then they got to go out to the grass in the pitch black and hunt for Goblin Eggs (orange and black easter-type eggs) and fill their trick-or-treat bags. There were 5,000 eggs and even more candy and mini pumpkins just on the grass. They filled up their bags with the eggs in no time and spent all of Tue. morning going through each one. Nope...we didn't paint a Pirate's beard on Gabe's face (below) ...that's pure chocolate! Ugh.Tuesday night we carved pumpkins and made a huge mess as we carved one for every member of the family. Joshua wanted a scary face, Sam wanted the "traditional pumpkin" look, Mark did a moon and star, we tried to do a Mickey Mouse head for Gabe but it didn't work out so then we turned it into a pumpkin face. Mark did a cute little face for Will's and as the only girl in the family I saw it fitting to cover mine with hearts. :)

Wednesday afternoon Erika came over and watched the boys so Sharla and I could go to a movie. They LOVE Erika so they were absolutely thrilled! It was so fun being with Shar and relaxing. Will was a little cranky in the movie but it was okay because we were the ONLY ones in there! We watched "Why did I get Married" (I think that is the name) it was okay. I liked it, but it definitely wasn't my favorite. I think I just liked being out more than anything. :) Mark was going to pick up pizza but got to Papa Murphy's and the line was out the door so he called and said "how 'bout Mcdonald's instead?" The boys scarfed down their food and threw on their costumes and headed out the door to trick-or-treat. Mark took the wagon and they had SO much fun. Gabe was so excited to try out his new trick-or-treating skills and they all came home with their bags FULL of more sugar. yay. ugh. But I'm glad they had fun! Sam woke up on Thurs. morning sad that Halloween was already over and "how come it went away SO fast??" I wanted to explain that he'd just endured a FULL WEEK of Halloween type activities so in reality his Halloween lasted WAY LONGER than usual but instead I just tried to get him excited for Thanksgiving, it didn't really work though, because what is the fun in just getting together to eat a Turkey??!!
Thursday I started cleaning the toy room downstairs. HOLY COW! I'm SO mad at myself for not taking before and after pictures because SERIOUSLY - I've NEVER seen a room so completely and utterly destroyed! Conclusion: we have WAY too many toys. I'm thinking of giving Santa the year off this year as from the looks of the toy room they don't need a SINGLE THING! I'm still not done but I'm close. The boys helped a little and it should get done today I hope.

Anyway, that's our crazy week! I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Halloween!!!


Tiburon said...

What fun Halloween pictures! Looks like you all had so much fun!

I love Murray park - we take the kids there a lot since it is so close to Adam's work. :)

DIANE said...

Let me just say I hope this works. I'm trying to be a computer person. No luck. Adorable pictures. Can't believe its November either and almost Thanksgiving, my worst holiday ever.

lisareneenielsen said...

LOVE THE PICS, MEL! And Gave as a pirate....thee best! Although, I think Mark takes the cake on this one. BAHAHA! I keep looking at it and laughing. What a crack up!