Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm a V.I.P. in my FAMILY I'm a V.I.P. you SEE! I'm a V.I.P. in my FamilEEE and that's a very good thing to be! A Very Important Person! A Very Important Person! A Very Important Person that's SAM!!
Today was Sam's V.I.P day at school. We got to make a poster of his favorite things and share with his class why he is such an important part of our family. We talked about how he loves his family and loves to play with his brothers. His favorite foods are Turkey, Ham, Salad, Ramen Noodles, Egg Nog, Pumpkin Pie and Cookies. His favorite colors are Red and Blue, his favorite games are Shrek Super Slam and Clue Jr., he likes the movies Monsters Inc. and The Cat in the Hat and he loves the book "Cookies, little bite sized life lessons" (this is a new book from Grandma Reading and he LOVES it!) He also likes to watch "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" on TV and he LOVES Spiderman. After we showed his poster the kids got to ask him a few questions. He called on his best friends first, then he called on a few girls which I thought was really cute. They asked really great questions for their age I thought, like "what is your favorite Holiday" and "What is your favorite kind of Ice Cream". I went and stole Joshua out of his class for a few minutes so that he could be there too, he was really excited to be there and Sam was so happy to see him walk in. I couldn't find his Spiderman figure to take to show the class so I settled for his Disney Mix Max (he calls it his Ipod) and his Spi-dog (speakers) we played one of his favorite songs which is "I walk the Line" by Johnny Cash, this CRACKED his teacher up and she kept saying "you like Johnny Cash, Sam?!" Then she told him that she likes his songs too. It was really funny. She is a FANTASTIC teacher and SO good for Sam. She is so positive and just LOVES LOVES LOVES her little 5 year olds. The kids all sang the V.I.P song and then at the end they did the Chicken Dance which was HILARIOUS! They had so much fun doing it, they are all so cute.

At the risk of seeming a little too "video happy" I'm including the videos I took in his class today. Mainly for me to look back on later, but they are pretty cute to watch if you don't have anything better to do. :)

Here is a clip of the class shouting er...singing the VIP song to Sam:

Here is a clip of them doing the Chicken Dance:


Lisa said...

How cute! LOVE the should never fear being video happy, they are SO fun to watch! I personally like watching Josh's expressions as he watches them do the chicken dance! I still can't believe that Sam is in kindergarten! He'll forever be three in my mind, sorry. He is such a little Mini-Me of Mark! I find his list of favorite foods fascinating for a five year old! Oh, and I"m betting that his kindergarten teacher is the ward chorister.....I've never seen a kindergarten teacher conduct the music in her class! lol LOVE this post.....LOVE those boys!

SM said...

VERY CUTE!! Love the poster. Your boys are just too precious! I thought the "conducting" was funny, too! You'd never see that here in the South!

Shar said...

Way to go Sam on being the V.I.P!! You're the cutest one in the class of course! I Love You!

DIANE said...

Loved the four boys sitting on the chairs, with Joshua holding Will. That was so precious. One thing I've noticed about anything your boys are doing.....they are smiling. Must be from such great parents. What an exemplary family you are. Loved the videos.