Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's this you ask?

Oh, nothing much. Just my totally awesome husband bringin' down the house at the University of Utah game!

A few weeks ago Mark told me that he had entered his and my name into a drawing at the University of Utah credit union for a chance to "shoot for loot". If they draw your name they give you tickets to the game and during one of the time-outs you get the chance to go down and shoot for loot. Well they drew MY name and called me and I said "can we pretend you drew my husbands name instead and he could make the shots for me?" and the guy said YES! I couldn't believe that he let us do that, but I was SO SO grateful that it could be him and not me! So we got to go to the game and about 12 minutes into the first quarter we started to make our way down to the court. He had 30 seconds to make 3 baskets. A lay up, a free throw and a three-pointer. If you shoot the lay up you get $50 and a chance to shoot a free throw, if you make the free throw you get $100 and a chance to shoot a 3 pointer and if you make the 3 pointer then you get $150 so there is a chance to win $300. He was really hoping that he could make the lay up and the free throw really fast so he could have a chance to shoot more times for the 3 pointer if he needed it. Did he need the time? See for yourself! (sorry for the screaming lunatic in the background....wait a minute, that's ME!)

Seriously, is he INCREDIBLE or what? There is absolutely nothing this guy can't do. I was so proud of him and it was so much fun! He seemed nervous until he got the ball in his hands, then he just looked like he was taking care of business, and that's just what he did! The guys that were helping us with where to go and rebounding the balls said that's the first time anyone has made them all in a row like that and asked him if he played college ball, they were so impressed. We figured out he made all 3 shots in 12 seconds, wouldn't it be nice if we could make $300 in 12 seconds every day?!! The very next morning oddly enough is when the laptop went from broken spacebar to dead keyboard and when I called him in tears he said we could use his winnings to buy a new computer, which is sitting under the tree until Christmas day. Husband, I love you and you totally ROCK!!! You want to watch it again, don't you? I know, me too! Here I'll save us some trouble and put it right here again. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I know I'm a little late posting this, with Halloween being last Friday and all, but I thought better late than never...right?! So, Ladies and Gentlemen...I present to you:

The Swamp Creature:

Ben 10:

Don't know who that is? He's a cartoon character that looks like this:

Now go back to the picture of Sam...pretty good, don't ya think? Yes, he's wearing the watch on the wrong wrist. He's cool like that. The problem is, MOST people didn't know who he was! Oh well, he did and that's all that matters, right?

AND...here is a picture of the crew. The Bee and the Monkey didn't get individual shots, unless maybe they're still stuck on my camera card from 2 months ago er last week. But they looked pretty cute too.

We had a really fun halloween! I was able to go and help at Sam's party, which was SO fun for him. He kept looking at me and grinning from ear to ear. It was awesome and so fun to see all the cute kids dressed up!

After school we went to our 5th halloween party of the season and then came home to get ready for trick-or-treating.
All six of us set out to see how far we'd get before the littles decided it was time to go home. They lasted about 2 circles, so Mark took them back to put Will to bed and put the pizza in the oven while the bigs and I set out for more. There was a little spook alley advertised in the neighborhood so we decided we'd go try to find it. It was fun! They had gone all out and the boys were a little scared to go in. The lady asked if they wanted "scary or non-scary" and they chose scary, but I think they were nervous about what they'd gotten themselves into. There was a guy at the end that started up a chainsaw and all the boys looked at him like: So...it's a big loud power tool, what's the big deal about that? clearly, they've yet to see a real halloween movie. :) We hit tons of houses by the time we were done. They all wanted to go to "so-and-so's house" over here and "so-and-so's house" over there until I think we'd covered the neighborhood twice! We had so much fun and we are still eating halloween candy...uh, which is not surprising at all since it was just last week, right?...silly me!

So, anyway...that is our halloween. Now it's your turn to get all of your halloween pictures up - I don't mind being the first one to do it. Being a leader comes quite naturally to me. Just get crackin!






WHAT?! What are all of you looking at me like that for???? You act like it's almost Christmas for crying out loud! Why on earth would I post Halloween pictures in December? YOU guys are weird!



Alright, alright, ALRIGHT, stop it already!! ....Fine. I admit that I'm a little behind. I'm SOOOOOO sorry! Please forgive me. It all started with a broken spacebar. Turns out, spacebars don't like coke. WHO KNEW!! Do ANY OF YOU REALIZE how INCREDIBLY common the spacebar is? Just try to go without it while you type the simplest of sentences. I dare ya! TRY IT! ....That's what I thought. NOW, do you understand where I've been the last two months? Putting a period in between.each.word.worked.for.awhile.but.I.think.it.was.pretty.annoying to people for the most part. Then I tried copying and pasting a space in between each word. I got so good at it that now when I try to use a computer with a working spacebar my thumbs don't know what to do! I also found all of the lovely hot keys available by using the "ctrl" button. Since I'd press "Ctrl V" to paste in my space, if I was ever on a roll and going too fast I'd accidentally type another letter instead of "V". Let me know if you'd like a list of what happens when you type "ctrl z,x,c or b" in the middle of a sentence, I'm a master at it now. ANYWAY, my laptop went from a broken spacebar to a completely dead keyboard. Grr. I'm blogging right now from my boys' computer (which is ancient, but working) and will be getting a new computer (thank you husband!) in a few days. Sigh. Add to that the holiday rush-to-make-everything-perfect and the normal day-to-day mom of four boys stuff and you've got an absent blogger. I've also got a house to clean, a pantry to organize and so much laundry to do that I bet if I started now I wouldn't get done until October 12th of 2011. It's a good think I don't exaggerate or then I'd have yet anOTHER problem, whew!

So anyway that (in a nutshell - a really really big nutshell) is where I've been. Thank you for missing me, and I promise to be better now and to catch up on commenting on yours and adding my new friends onto my blogger list. I've got lots to post so be ready with your listening eyes!! OR, just skip over all my really long ones. It's okay, I don't mind. I get bored reading them myself. :)

Love ya!