Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clearance stuff at Sam's club!

Hey everyone! I was at Sam's club yesterday and noticed they had a few great things on clearance. First is this 24 pack of Lil' snackers puffs by Gerber. They were only $4.88 - I'm not sure how much it would normally be, but this seemed like a good deal. I wanted to buy some but they expired in Jan-Feb. of next year and Will will only be 5-6 months, which is not old enough for them yet so I didn't get them but thought I'd pass the word along! They also had 22 packs of Granola bites by Nature Valley for $3.71! I might go back and get some more of these. Some of their v-neck t-shirts by Chaus Organic and another brand that I can't remember were only $4. something and the best deal are these DARLING spi-dogs that retail for $30 - Sam's originally had them for $24 and now they are $7.81!!! My big boys both have these and they LOVE them, they can act as speakers for anything that takes headphones so they use them for their Nintendo Ds's and their little i-pods (not the real ipods..they just call them that) They are so cute because their ears and tail go up and down and they shake their heads to the music, they also growl at you when you pull their tail. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!....er...COOL, COOL, COOL!!

Anyway, if you can make it there you'll get some great deals! Happy Shopping!


Lisa said...

Sam's has CLEARANCE? WHO KNEW!? Boy, I need to start calling you everyday so you can give me sale updates! Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

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