Sunday, October 28, 2007


Isn't it funny how you almost start to rely on people's comments! I love to hear from everyone and was sad that I hadn't heard from ANYONE on my last few posts....only to realize that I hadn't enabled the comments section on those - which apparently didn't happen automatically for some reason!! ARGGGHHH! I hope that isn't going to be how it defaults from now on, because I'm sure I'll forget again! Anyway, I fixed it for now and to make myself feel better I'm just going to pretend that that is the reason I haven't heard from anyone - because you didn't have the option to comment. He,he! :) We've had a BUSY and FUN week, I'll try to update very soon. Love you all!!


Christine Cook said...

I did try and look for a place to leave comments and couldn't find one. That's weird it did that. Your family pictures turned out sooo cute! I love them! And I love the boy's sweaters! Very cute.

Camille... said...

THAT'S why you didn't hear from me! I was freaking out over the family pictures.... ohmygoodness...and couldn't figure out how to comment. I'm so computer lame that I thought it was me and was too embarrassed to ask. I loved alllll the pictures and I love to read about your family. It feels like I'm finally getting caught up on a life I never knew you had. You're amazing!!!