Monday, October 29, 2007


On Friday we went with Tricia, Cydney and Ben to Gardner Village to see the Witches. I've never been before and didn't realize it was such a tradition among families. I think it will be a tradition for us now too. It was SO much fun! They have the grounds all decorated so cute with witches everywhere doing funny things. We had Emily with us too and they all got to ride a pony and pick a treat at the candy store. The candy store was a bit of a joke as it was SOOO BUSY!! I kept losing Gabe and every time one of us found him he had something else in his mouth, like a jelly belly bean or an m&m. Finally I stuck a .20 cent sucker in his mouth so I could actually PAY for something he was eating. :) They have the best fudge there and I asked for a sample of their raspberry cheesecake fudge only to be left wanting more and ended up buying some. Yum!


Peggy said...

That is one of our favorite places to go in October, too! I actually went last week with my mom. Audrey was terrified of the witches! Fortunately Emma was willing to pose with them, though.

Peggy said...
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