Friday, September 28, 2007

One Month Old!

Holy COW! How can a month come and go so fast? I can't believe this little guy is already a month old - he turned one month on Monday so he's actually a little more than that! He is getting bigger, he seems SOOO much longer to me, but I think that is because he isn't scrunching his legs up as much in the fetal position like he did at first. Two days ago he started really focusing on things with his eyes. Now when you hold him he looks right at you or stares at things on the wall. He also started screaming when you take his milk away, he used to smack his lips like "well, that was good while it lasted" but now if he's not ready to be done he instantly starts crying huge alligater tears! He also got his thumb one day, (the picture looks like he's poking his eye out - but it was still cute so I posted it) and I was so excited, but he hasn't found it since. Darn it!

He has been so much fun and his brothers still adore him. Yesterday Gabe said, "MOM! Baby Will happy to see ME!" with a huge grin on his face. Then last night when Will was crying I said "It's okay baby - don't cry" and Gabe said (in his best baby talk voice) "it's okay baby Will - don't cry - be happy!" ..... Sam is excited for Will to start smiling but asked me yesterday how will he be able to smile with no teeth? I laughed and explained that you smile with your lips, not with your teeth! What a goof! Joshua has been pretty busy with school all day and Flag Football 3 days a week so he doesn't interact with him much right now but runs to put his binky in his mouth every time he hears him cry. I am so lucky to have these beautiful boys that love each other..(most of the time) and am very grateful for the harmony in our home. I was SO nervous to have #4 and am very happy that things are working out so well so far. :)


Tiburon said...

How is it possible that he is a month old already!?!?

What a cutie patootie.

When do you want to get together? Next Friday would be great for me - I will need to check with Christine :)

Christine Cook said...

How sweet. I don't think Easton was ever that little! :(

Lisa said...

How CUTE is he!? Oh I LOVE that size! It just all happens too fast. I am very, very happy that #4 has worked out much easier for you than it did for me! Sorry if I scared ya! What a doll he is, and you are SUCH a good little mama!

The Thompson Family said...

Melanie, they are beautiful boys! wow! I'm laughing my head off about your fly story b/c I thought there were only killer giantic flies in Texas!

Love you, you cute little mama!