Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reunited at last!

About an hour ago we learned that our beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away. We are overcome with sorrow and joy. It is so hard to imagine that he is really gone. We took time as a family to reminisce of him and talked for awhile about the power of his soothing words and unshakeable testimony. Just listening to him speak would strengthen my testimony more than I can even describe. I am so sorry for myself for the loss of him but so overjoyed that he is with his sweet Marjorie at last. He has missed her so much and has counted the days until he could reunite with her once again. He did such a great and marvelous work here on earth and will be so incredibly missed. We were reading the scriptures in the front room this evening when Mark's mom called and left the message on our answering machine that he had passed. Joshua was very visibly shaken by it, he gave Mark a look of complete shock and you could tell his little heart wondered what on earth we would do now. We let him lead us in prayer and then we all took a turn thanking our Heavenly Father for this wonderful man. We also took a minute to explain to the boys what would happen from here, and made sure to let them know what a happy and wonderful time this is for our sweet Prophet. I am going to miss him more than I can even express, but my heart is truly content. I feel so blessed just to have been able to know him. I can't help but feel overcome with emotion when I think about where he is now. He has dedicated his life teaching us about the things he is right this very moment experiencing, I find such incredible power in that thought. Good-bye dear Prophet. We love you and Miss you already.


DIANE said...

What a great tribute to his life your little family is. He would want each of us to celebrate his passing as your family did. What a profound effect he had on my life also. His positive attitude was my favorite thing about him. He knew good would win over evil and that helped me face adversity. I couldn't believe how fast you posted his passing, and even with a picture. It really touched me.

The Forney Four said...

mel, I read this last night amidst all my tears and it really touched me. This is what he would have wanted, you know. A mother and a father kneeling in prayer and taking time to teach their children. You captured it beautifully.

Love you... and thanks.

AD said...

if you read my post about this you will see that we expressed almost the exact sentiments! millions of us would probably say the same things. he was amazing. can't believe he's gone. your post was heartwarming...the picture of you and your husband gathering your boys was touching...we did our FHE on him as well. this is a moment our kids will always remember.