Friday, January 4, 2008

My cute brothers and sister

My brother and Sister-in-law Mike and Charlotte vistited us from Arizona (along with Mikele, Corbin, Kyle and Kole) between Christmas and New Years this year. It was so much fun! I don't know what my kids were the most excited about, Santa coming or Kyle and Kole coming. I think it was dead even. They absolutely couldn't wait. They played and played and played and played and PLAYED! They get along SOOOO unbelievably well and their kids are just SO GOOD. I got to see Courtney and Chandler and baby Talon, he is so SO CUTE. Courtney is expecting a baby girl in March and has the cutest little belly. I also got to see Danielle which was a treat, I just don't see them enough. She looked beautiful and very happy, which I was so glad to see. I kept meaning to take pictures of the kids playing together and I never did which I just can't believe. GRRrrrr.

Mike was so cute with baby Will (they all were) and probably would have held him forever if he could have. Every time he made so much as a squeak Mike would go pick him up and walk around with him. So cute. They brought me a darling bear that he got from one of the companies he's worked with called a Benny Bear (I think) - they make them every year and he put a neat little present inside which was SO SWEET.
One of the nights (I think Friday) my brother David drove from Tremonton (about 2 hours) to come and hang out and Shar came too which meant that we had all four kids together which NEVER seems to happen anymore. We took some fun pictures even though I looked like poop which I wasn't happy about, but my sister can be very persuasive. When I look at these pictures I can't help but think abuot my relationship with these guys. I just love them. My sister is my best friend which has already been discussed so I won't bore you with more but I really couldn't live without her, I haven't always been close to Mike because he's 12 years older than I am but as I've grown and become an adult we've grown a lot closer, I think we are a lot alike in some ways and I just love how he treats my kids, they ADORE uncle Mike. I give David SUCH a hard time but I really love him so much. He is very fidgety and sometimes EXTREMELY grumpy (GRRrr) but also SO sensitive and sweet. He is always the first person to call me on my birthday and he calls me way more than I call him and I love him for that. SO, looking back I guess I'm glad my sister can be very persuasive because I'm thankful we were all together and actually have pictures to prove it. :)


Kandis said...

You guys are so cute! Anna must be really proud of what an amazing family she has! I forgot you guys were 2 and 2, just like me and my siblings.....and Dan and Vickie's family....and anyone else? Anyway, I love seeing pics of family that I hardly ever see!

Charlotte said...

Melanie the pictures turned out so good! Will you PLLLLLEASE send me some. I guess this happened when I pooped out of the party?? Anyway you are just as sweet to my kids and treat us like gold! Thanks so much :):):) BIG BIG SMILE! Mike and I love you much!

DIANE said...

All of us seemed to get closer the older we got also. Loved the pictures. Hardly ever see David and Mike anymore. Can Mike have gray hair and only be 21 years old? Has he gotten older? Hmm, what does that say about me???

Tiburon said...

I am so glad you all got to get together! You all look so cute in the pics :)