Monday, January 14, 2008

My little...Table Potato??

The boys (including Gabe) all got these really cute little video/mp3 players (called the Disney Mix Max) for Christmas in 2006. Yes, Gabe was only 1 and 1/2 but I got them for a great price and I knew that he would want one someday too so I got three. Thanks to my amazing cousin Chantel I have every episode ever made of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I can put on his little "ipod". Well, sometime last year there was a great deal on this darling bear that doubles as speakers for an mp3 player. It has incredible sound and lights up and is so cute! Gabe loves it. The other day he decided to have lunch at the kitchen table and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on his "ipod" at the same time. He also loves sneaking his snacks onto the couch when he is watching cartoons so he can watch and eat at the same time. Why do I get the sinking sensation that I'm creating a monster here?! Seriously, this can't be good. :)

***I had to edit this after I looked at the post because I realized how "posessed" the bear looks in the pictures. He really is quite cute, I promise!***


SM said...

Those look so fun!! Cute pictures!

Shar said...

so cute sis! and thanks for removing that pic of me:)