Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol

I just got to watch it this morning. I've been SOOOOO lazy today. I sent the big kids off to school and me and the littles crawled back into my bed and that is where we spent the morning. My choices of things to watch were Law and Order SVU or American Idol. Since the babies were in the room I chose American Idol - Gabe loved it last season and I thought he might like to watch it with me again. I was right. The bed soon became a stage for his singing, dancing and entertaining, it was more fun watching him than watching the show. :) My favorite by far was Brooke White. I love how she showed the world how you can be so pure and sweet and still be happy. I loved her voice and I hope she goes far. She would be such a great role model. There were some others I loved and others that I watched with dropped jaw. Camille and Tib have also mentioned the show in recent posts...It's so fun to share and talk about stuff like this with other blog buddies. Anyone else join in the fun???

Here is the clip of Brooke's audition in case you missed it.


AD said...

Count the Coleman's in on the AI fest. We love it! I don't particularly like these episodes with all the weirdies, but we FF thru to the good ones. Brooke was adorable and will be fun to watch. So Mormon, eh? Good on her. We also thought the 17 year-old Brian was possibly LDS, too. So clean cut and his family, well the sisters had SLEEVES so that is always a tell tale sign! :)

DIANE said...

The light in people is getting easier and easier to see in contrast to the world. I missed Tuesday and Wednesday nights which didn't make me too sad because I usually don't like those first few weeks. So glad you posted this. It was inspiring but I only hope they don't bring her to the dark side. Didn't look like they would. Anyway, no one I know watches American Idol any more so I'm sure glad we can talk about it.

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this, Mel! I didn't see it, but loved her! What your aunt said is so true, that it's getting easier and easier to see the light in people. What a great way to put it. I also love how when Simon said he would bring her to t he dark side she said "I dare you to try." As we like to say/joke in our family...."GO JESUS!"