Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reasons to be happy--updated

We have thought about it and found lots of great reasons to be happy today, here is a partial list:

This guy got to eat some of his favorite things for breakfast: bananas, pears and graham crackers.

This guy gets to stay in his pajamas ALL day:

These guys LOVE each other:

and today when I asked Gabe if he could go and get Will's sippy cup for me in his room he said "Zyep! I shoo tan do dat foe zyou, mom!" I am so lucky!

sidenote: while eating our pears this morning, Gabe announced that to him they taste "dust wike appools" (just like apples) so we pondered about that for a moment. About 20 minutes later he said excitedly (no gabespeak here, I'm too tired): "Hey MOM! I know why Pears taste just like Apples! Because they are LEMONS!!" Who knew?! And now you've all learned something you didn't know. Glad to be of service. :)

update: I totally forgot to add the cutest part of the conversation, when Gabe explained to me something along the lines of "because they also have lots of water in them and that makes them taste very apple-ish" (sounded more like "ahpoowish", but you get the idea) My 3 year old said "Apple-ish" Isn't that cute? and TOTALLY something I would say. In my opinion, your regular vocabulary can be expanded by leaps and BOUNDS with the simple word of "ish". It is used very frequently around here, and now apparently by more than just me. YAY GabE!


SM said...

TOO PRECIOUS! I, too, am a BIG fan of -ish!

Brandi said...

Very cute!
Oh, I also wanted to tell you that you should think about trying a blog roll. Then you can see who has updated their blogs, when, and even a title and part of the post if you want to. You can see it right from your own blog! I like it 'cause I like seeing people's backgrounds. Anyway, you should try blog roll. It's very cool!