Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's raining!

It's raining outside. Quite simple really...or is it?

I sent the middles outside to eat their snack. Josh is at scouts and Will is in bed. I went into the closet to get on my shoes so that I could go and mow the lawn - a task I've been meaning to complete all day but kept thinking the luminous clouds above me were going to break any minute and then I'd be stuck in the middle of a half mowed lawn soaking wet....

Anyway, back to the middles. I sent them out to eat their snack and am sitting in my closet getting on my shoes when Gabe walks in and announces: "Mom, it is tarting to rain outside so tan we dust eat our nacks inside duh house?" (please let me know if you need a translation on this)

I say with a sigh as I begin to remove the shoes I had just hunted for and put on my feet: "Yes, Gabe you can eat your snack inside, just please eat over your plate and try not to make a mess."

Gabe says: "Oh-tay MOM!" and is off.

In enters Sam who proceeds to tell me pretty much exactly the same thing, but perhaps not quite the same way... (I immediately e-mailed myself a copy of this conversation to be sure I could get it word for word)

"Mom, Um, it's raining outside, so can we eat our snacks INside? because it's raining outside and I think there is going to be a BIG storm, because you know Gabe's police car and that baseball thing that Gabe has that holds the ball up so you can whack it with a stick? Well, you know how that's kinda heavy? Well, the wind just TOTALLY blew it down, like it was like a invisible guy outside just doing it like *insert HUGE hand and arm motions here* SWOOSH, just like that. So I think it is going to be a BIG storm, so that is why maybe we should just eat our snacks inside. Okay?"

Yes, Sam - that is okay. Just please eat over your plate and try not to make a mess.

Sam: "Got it!"

So based on the difference between these two conversations and my WHOLE first paragraph about getting on my shoes and mowing the lawn - would you say that my little Sam comes by his talkative-ness naturally at least? At least there's that. And I couldn't help from blushing with pride. :)

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Brandi said...

Cute story! I can just picture both of them saying what they did! You have a talent for writing!!