Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Two days ago, the mommy of this house would not have in a gazillion years allowed this to happen:

Boys watching cartoons on mom and dad's bed BEFORE reading and spelling homework were done. (don't mind Gabe's stocking hands. He was being Mr. Incredible. Makes perfect sense, right?)

Especially when the 3 year old's room looked like this: (my, I do post "messy room" pictures a bit too often, don't I?)

However, yesterday the mommy of this house had a change of heart. She decided that the boys could watch cartoons on mom and dad's bed just because. Just because it's fun. Just because she can't even remember the last time they've been able to watch cartoons and just because she is healthy and happy and able to break the rules just this once. Her change of heart came from this family:

It seems that everyone has heard about them by now, how could I be so out of the loop? I immediately found their websites and have been immersed in the reading of NieNie's dialogs on her blog here ever since.

I've also been reading her sister's blog and my heart just aches for this sweet (and SUPER funny) family. Stephanie reminds me SO much of my blogging friends and her tragic accident just breaks my heart. I thought about my cousin Trish when I read this story: (only because you had a very similar post Trish, not because I think you lock your kids out of your house all day!) and I thought about super-mom Megan when I read this story: and in all of her writings I see bits and pieces of everyone and everything I love. Like so many people I know, this woman loves her faith and her husband and her family more than anything and shows it almost daily in her wonderful and creative posts. She and her husband are now in an AZ burn unit. She with burns over 83% of her body and he with burns over 30%. Reading and learning about her the last few days have completely inspired me to be better. A better wife, a better mother, a better homemaker and a better blogger. I use this blog as my family journal, yet there are times when I don't post for 3 weeks or even more. I strive to do better and I pray along with the rest of the blogging world for Stephanie and her husband and for her recovery. It seems I've had a lot of these kind of take-time-out-to-smell-the-roses types of lessons lately. I think my Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something, and I think today I'm going to start listening.


DIANE said...

I've missed a TON by not reading my blogs for a couple of days. But I caught up on all of them tonight. Funny the things that happen that totally change our perspectives. Some of the strangest things have had profound influences on my thinking and behavior. I really enjoyed your perspective on your last few blog entries. (Your knight in shining armour is a true king.) Plus I totally can just hear your boys saying the words you write they say. Cracks me up. Anyway, really enjoyed your updates.

meg said...

Melanie, you give me way too much credit! Thank you for your kind words!

The Forney Four said...

You are such a lovely, lovely person.

AD said...

Thanks for sharing the story of NieNie. I read your blog post last night and can't stop thinking about her situation. You are right: reading her earlier posts and then the posts about her accident/recovery inspires a desire to be a better human being. I have been so moved by it all. Wow.

Brandi said...

Wow! I live a sheltered life and I rarely watch tv, I hadn't heard about that plane crash. I too am going to stop and smell the roses!

I saw something really cool on one of Chrissie's friends blogs. This girl (I think her name is Marlena or something close to that) anyway, every time she does a post she does 5 things she's thankful for that day! I love that idea. I have been wanting to try it. One day she said she was thankful for Dr. Pepper I thought that was pretty funny, especially since I am a huge COKE (the drink) fan!

Christine said...

I love your bedding. It is so cute!