Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Knight - another reason I'm happy today...

To Mark:

Dear Knight in Shining Armor,
Alas there was but one icy cold can of coca-cola left in the refrigerator today and it has since been guzzled up. Would you fancy perhaps bringing us home an icy drink to mingle with the flavors of creamed tuna on toast that we shall be enjoying as a family this beautiful evening?
much obliged, my sweet, wait, I mean sir Knight,
I lovest thee very much,
your fair maiden

Dear Maiden,
I suppose in my quest to conquer all the many dragons and slayers I have been battling today, I might find passage to the castle and bring you a delectable drink. However, it will take much sacrifice, as I must travel through the dark forest, pass over the poisonous moat and scale the castle wall, all whilst holding your passion drink in hand. I just have one question my love. Will the cost be worth my sacrifice?

He is meaning a kiss, right? I love this guy. Passion drink, hee,hee,hee!


SM said...

Awe!!! How adorable can you guys be!?

AD said...

Here's hoping the "passion drink" scored him WAY more than a kiss!! :)

Brandi said...

You two are so cute! I am glad that someone shares my afinity for coca cola! MMM MMMM MMMM!
And... I agree with "ad" I think he is hoping for way more than a little kiss!

Reggs said...

After his sweet post on your birthday, that man can do no wrong! He is a total husband hero.
Hmmm, now I want tuna and coke!