Friday, August 1, 2008

New posts!

So, I had a few posts that I never got completed but had started and they were in my blog list as "drafts". This morning I finally got them all done. The problem is, that they were set BEFORE all the recent ones I've posted so if you're interested in seeing them they are UNDER the "Sunday" post. I'll try to just do them as I go from now on....I'm SO behind!! :)


Kandis said...

Your kids are so stinking cute I can't get enough! It sounds like they really like school! Oh, and if you're totally into mowing the lawn now would you be available to contract out your services? I try to like mowing the lawn but I'm just kidding's a pain! Good for you though!!

Brandi said...

Hey Melanie, Me again
You left a comment on my blog and asked how we made our t-shirts. We bought the iron-on stuff (in the office supply section by printer paper) at Walmart. I found the font from Twilight moms. There is also a link to it on my t-shirt post. Hope that helps if you want to make one for yourself!
Oh, and if you do, I would LOVE to know what you put on your shirt!

Brandi said...

me AGAIN! Sorry to bug you, the Twilight font link is actually in the post called Miss Un-Independant.

Malena said...

Since I don't know how else to contact you...happy birthday tomorrow, too! (I added a little something for you on my blog...). Have a great day!