Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day Four

It's day four of the bigs' being back at school and so far today Gabe has poured a bottle of shampoo on the top of his head (after his bath and getting fully dressed), brushed the "mirror" instead of his teeth - yummy - and raided the chocolate chip cookies (previously mentioned). Lest you think this is all just a cry for attention we've also read stories and practiced letters and cuddled for part of the day. This poor kid is bored and I'm pooped. Losing my biggest helpers STINKS!

I have had fun with the littles though, we went shopping the other day and they loved being out and about. It's just SO weird having Josh and Sam gone for ALL day, we all miss them and can't wait for off-track time, just 8 more weeks and one day. Sigh.


Trish in Texas said...

Wow! Crazy that your kids are already back in school! Bummer about the year-round thing, too. Sorry your helpers are gone! I'm dreading that myself!

shrewdjude said...

Just make the kids stop growing long enough for me to at least SEE them as little'uns... Hope the next time I see them won't be when they're leaving on missions!

Becky said...


I can't believe how big your boys have gotten. It's so fun to see them. I am loving this blogging thing!