Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First day of school!

The big boys started school on Monday. I can't believe it is school time already. We've been on D-track pretty much every year until now and D-track doesn't start until the end of August but this year we switched tracks so they got jipped out of 3 whole weeks of their normal summer. I think I'm more upset about this than they are though because they were so excited to start 4th and 1st grade!

Sam had a bit of a rough start on his very first day by getting on the wrong bus and worrying me to death. The school had to call the bus dispatch to find out where my scared little 6 year old was! They found out that he was in fact on another bus and would be coming back to the school to drop him off to me. Whew! His cute teacher was worried too, poor lady! What a way to start your first day! He got off the bus and looked like he was about to cry so I just hugged him and asked him how his little adventure was and that I was so happy he was safe. Joshua however couldn't hold back (apparently big brother was scared too) and said "SAM! YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR ME WHEN YOU GET OUT OF SCHOOL, YOU HAVE TO GET ON THE RIGHT BUS, I WILL SHOW YOU WHICH BUS TO GET ON TOMORROW, YOU CAN'T DO THAT SAMUEL!!" I had to chuckle before telling him to chill and that Sam had been through enough as it was. Poor kid.

We are going to miss these big boys. I'm not sure who will miss them more, Gabe who will miss his playmates or me who will miss the help with Gabe. They've had such a fun week so far, they both love their teachers and Sam LOVES getting to have lunch in the cafeteria. Here's to a great year!!!

Oh just an FYI...the pictures above are what happens when you throw your boys in front of the house (not realizing it's in total sun and they are closing their eyes) because the bus is nearly at the bus stop and you really don't want to drive them, but also can't fathom not getting their picture on this special day. Sigh. Maybe I'll take more and pretend they were on the first day of school - they'll never remember, right?!


The Forney Four said...

I can't believe you have a 4th grader..... wow.

And your boys are SO cute.

Shill and Company said...

That's crazy that they are back in school already. We had year round school for one year here and my kids started in July. It was so weird. They were on B track. What do your boys have this year?

Poor little Sam. That must have been frightening for him, and for YOU!

Hannah and Ian will be in the same grades as Joshua and Sam this year. I am a little concerned with how Ian will do being at school all day. Big transition for these boys.

Those pictures are so great. I have taken the same type of photos. Hee hee.

Brandi said...

I've done that before! Taken "first day" pictures a few days later! No Biggie! In a few months you won't rememember it wasn't the first day! At least you can still scrapbook them! Do you still do that? The scrapbooking I mean? I am kind of at a stand still with it! I'm thinking of going to digital so I don't have the mess.