Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Amazing wife!!!!

What a historic and wonderful day August 6, 2008 is. It is historic due to the fact, this is the first time I have ever up-dated a blog, let alone ever even posted a comment. During the past few years, I've visited many different blogs and greatly enjoyed the stories and experiences of various family and friends. I sort of feel bad at times I simply just read a person’s blog and not leave a comment. I feel like I sometimes just take and not give back. Maybe this can be my blog confessional that I’m sorry for not leaving comments and I will try to do better. The truth is, I have been saving myself. Saving myself for that special moment when I blog for the first time. And today is that day I blog for the first time, for today is my wonderful wife’s birthday.

I’m so truly fortunate to have Melanie in my life. She is such an amazing person and the center of my world. I know that I married up. Melanie is definitely the better half – in all things. I can confidently admit this now that we have four children together. I knew the day Melanie agreed to marry me I struck the best deal of all time. At that time, I didn’t really know how I did it or why it happened, but for me it was the greatest blessing I have ever received. Anyhow, a few weeks back Melanie posted an up-date on her blog that mentioned how she was going to try and post 100 things about herself, but could only get to 53. As I read this I was appalled. I pulled out a piece of paper and listed four categories and was able to come up with a 100 things about Melanie in about 15 minutes. It was actually really fun to think about 100 hundred things about my spouse. For me, it was a real powerful reminder of how simply amazing Melanie is to me. I’ve carried my ‘100 things about Melanie list’ the past few weeks in my bag. It has become kind of a comfort to me. I’ve read it at work, in my car, on the bus, at home and even added more items to the list. Then I thought the other day, I should post my ‘100 things about Melanie list’ and share it with others. I was hesitant at first, but I know it’s important for me to allow others to feel the spirit of Melanie. So as a tribute to my wife on her birthday here is ‘100 things about Melanie’ (in no particular order)….

1. Computers - Melanie is known around our house as the ‘company computer guy’ she has always been very talented and skilled technologically. And she doesn’t even look like a nerd.
2. People Skills – She simply knows how to talk to people of all types.
3. Leadership – Melanie is one of those special people with the innate ability to naturally lead.
4. Drive – Anything Melanie has ever wanted to accomplish, she accomplishes. Even if she doesn’t sleep for three days
5. Learning – Melanie has brains! She is such a smarty. And again, an innate ability to learn anything.
6. Love – Melanie radiates love around her at all time. You would know if you were ever in the same room with her.
7. Perceptive – Melanie has the gifted ability to understand situations quickly.
8. Organized – Next time you are at our house, feel free to look in her children’s closets and dressers. No more explanation needed.
9. Creative – This is one of Melanie’s greatest strengths. She has always been so creative, as well as innovative. She constantly has ideas and solutions.
10. Understanding – Melanie is a great listener. She knows how to understand people and situations. I’ve witnessed many accounts of Melanie cheering up and strengthening someone just by the way she listens.
11. Non-Judgmental – Closely related to #10. Melanie is the most non-judgmental person I have ever known. I have never heard Melanie once compare what she does to anyone else. But, I have heard Melanie mention many times how she looks up to others because of what they do.
12. Listening – Closely related to #10 and #11. If you have talked to Melanie you would know what I mean.
13. Problem Solving – Melanie loves challenges. Problem solving is another one of her greatest strengths. From life challenges to home repair, Melanie will find the right solution.
14. Inspirational – One of my favorite movie lines is in Rocky II after Adrian wakes up from her comma. Rocky had been training to fight Apollo Creed, but when Adrian got sick it appeared the fight may not happen. While in the hospital bed Adrian asked Rocky to come a bit closer to her and says, “I want you to do something for me. Win, Win Rocky!” Melanie is my Adrian.
15. Enthusiastic – Melanie is never a downer.
16. Humble – She could only list 53 items about herself. How sad. But, Humble.
17. Courageous – Melanie is not afraid to let people know who she is.
18. Making Shoes – I think some day Melanie could open who own shoe store. She has made the coolest shoes for our boys. The boys love them every time they get a new pair. How awesome is that! A hot mom that makes shoes.
19. Clothes making/painting – In addition to making shoes, Melanie has also painted the boys shirts. Unfortunately, it is probably not as fun as making dresses, but it’s a good substitute.
20. Birthday party organizing – This could be another possible business venture for Melanie. She knows how to put on quite the kid bash.
21. Reading – Melanie is a really good reader. She has been known to read entire books in a single night. By the way, what is the hype with those twilight books? Anyhow, Reading is also her maiden name.
22. Writing – Melanie is a great writer. As you probably noticed, much better than I.
23. Coloring – If Melanie is competitive at all, coloring is where it would be. I’ve never been able to color without her critiquing me. I take back #11.
24. Motherhood – Again, one of Melanie’s greatest strengths. She fiercely loves her children and would do anything for them. There is much much more I could add here, but it would not come close to explain how great Melanie is within the role of Motherhood.
25. Photography – Melanie is a natural with photography. She has always had an interest in this area. It comes very easy to her. I think one of the reasons Melanie loves photography so much is the sheer fact she likes to see people smile and be happy.

26. Mowing the Lawn – For some strange reason Melanie picked up mowing the lawn this summer. She claims that she loves it. And has even e-mailed photos of the mowed lawn to me at work. Is this normal?
27. Painting – Melanie has painted every single room in our house to perfection.
28. Gave birth to Joshua – 10 hours of labor. Melanie said, “Everything went perfectly and it was the best pregnancy ever”
29. Gave Birth to Samuel – Samuel was breech so Melanie had to have a C-section. She was a bit nervous going in, but performed magnificently.
30. Gave birth to Gabriel – Gabriel was not breech but was a C-section. Melanie again performed magnificently.
31. Gave birth to William – William was not breech but was also a C-section. This was Melanie’s 3rd C-section in 5 years. I think if the doctor had let Melanie hold the scalpel she would have performed the procedure herself. I know it’s weird, but after watching my wife give birth to each of our boys, I’ve always thought I would never want to get into a fistfight with that women. She would work me over.
32. Once made 7 out of 10 free throws on our new basketball hoop.
33. Pushed her children in a 5-K Race.
34. Can beat the entire family in guitar hero.
35. Had a kiss on top of the Empire State building with her husband.
36. Has put her foot in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. (No, not at the same time)
37. Hit by a truck and survived – Melanie’s big childhood accident was being hit after stepping off a UTA bus in front of her sister Sharla’s house. To this day Melanie likes to show off how her knee-cap can move around about 2 inches in every direction.
38. Canada & Mexico – Melanie has visited our bordering nations.
39. Changed peoples lives – Melanie is such a good friend to so many people. She makes friends so easily, and so many people love to be her friend. Joshua has this same quality.
40. Saved a girl from drowning – Melanie once was at a pool in which the pool repair person left his daughter unattended while working on the side of the house. The girl fell in and Melanie happened to hear a splash and went outside to see her at the bottom of the pool. It wasn’t on the news, but nevertheless a life was probably saved that day.
41. Visiting Teacher – Melanie is an accomplished visiting teacher. She loves the sisters assigned to her and is constantly thinking of ways to help them.
42.Plays the Piano – Melanie has always enjoyed playing the piano.
43. Read the book of Mormon – We once did this together. We both took turns reading each night. I would recommend it to every couple out there. It truly strengthened our testimony as well as our relationship.
44. Guiding our family - Our most important goal for our family is for each of us to return back to our Heavenly Father. Melanie is such an example of the type of people we should be in order to accomplish our goal.
45. Learned Sign Language – Melanie decided one day she wanted to learn sign language, so she did.
46. Spelling B Champion – Melanie has participated in many spelling B’s in her life. Along with coloring, Melanie is also openly competitive in this area as well.
47. Happy- Melanie is the happiest person I have ever met. Always smiling.
48. Melanie was born. – According to legend, Melanie was a surprise baby. An unplanned whoopsie. Contact Anna Marie if you are interested in further details.
49. Silk Pajamas- Melanie loves silk pajamas.
50. Blinking – Melanie can only blink one eye.

Things Melanie Loves
50. Pizza – Melanie loves Ham and pineapple pizza. And hates even the smell of pizza when pregnant. Currently, she loves pizza if that tells you anything.
51. Cheesecake- Melanie loves cheesecake anytime of day or night. During her last stay at the hospital with baby Will she had cheesecake everyday.
52. Kaui – Hawaii was one of Melanie’s most favorite trips of all time. We still talk about it - at least once a week - about when we are going back.
53. Whale Watches – While in Kaui we went Whale Watching. It was amazing. Melanie also has a whale tale necklace.
54. Shopping- No need for explanation here.
55. Helping others – Melanie loves to be in service of others. It is just simply part of who she is.
56. Sleeping in – Melanie loves to sleep in. Although with 4 boys this doesn’t happen as much as it should.
57. Late Night Movies
58. Summer Time
59. Beach – Melanie has always loved the beach. She has said she could hang out there all day long as long as her family was with her. Melanie continues to ask me to put applications in at the Snorkel Bob’s in Hawaii.
60. Top Ramen and Burritos – When we were dating it was really cool to go out with a girl that loved Top Ramen and burritos. But, after 13 years of marriage I can’t count how many times I have heard, “Do you want to have Top Raman and burritos tonight!” I love you dear.
61. Steak and Seafood – When we do go out… Melanie is a Steak and Seafood connoisseur.
62. Clothes – Melanie is addicted to buying clothes for her boys. I probably should have found help for her a few years ago.
63. Family – Melanie loves her extended family. Mike and Charlotte, David and Mandy, Sharla and Jeff. She is constantly thinking about them.
64. Friends – Melanie loves and adores her friends. Many of them are as close as family.
65. Gospel – Melanie loves the gospel and continuously centers her life on the Savior and her family.
66. Joshua – Melanie’s first born son. Joshua is a boy blueprint of his Mom.
67. Samuel – Melanie’s second born son. Samuel is mature beyond his years.
68. Gabriel – Melanie’s third born son. Gabriel is a true Momma’s boy to the end.
69. William – Melanie’s fourth born son. William is a perfect mix of Joshua and Samuel.
70. Parents – Melanie truly loves and deeply cares about her Parents Vern & Anna Marie.
71. Other Peoples kids – Melanie loves all children no matter whose they are.
72. Cotton Candy – A must buy every time we see a cotton candy machine.
73. Sandals – Especially when her toes are done.
74. Otter Pops and Snow cones

Beautiful things about Melanie
75. Brown Eyes – Melanie has wonderful amazing eyes.
76. Smile – As mentioned before, Melanie is always smiling
77. Hair - Melanie has pretty hair
78. Spirit – Her spirit is contagious.
79. Lips – Perfect Lips
80. Toes – They are all proportional cute little piggies.
81. Personality – I’ve heard you are supposed to marry someone who has a great personality because you will be talking with them a great deal. I could talk to Melanie forever. She will always be interesting to me.
82. Faith – Melanie has always been my greatest example in this area.
83. Humor – Melanie is really funny. She makes me laugh
84. Thoughtfulness – She is always thinking of others above her own self.
85. In the morning - (I know this is weird) But, Melanie is so beautiful in the morning to me. When I leave for work each day, Melanie is the last person I see before I head out the door. I just love to see her sleeping in bed and resting. It gives me all the inspiration I need to conquer the day.
86. Character – Unquestionable character
87. Daughter of our Heavenly Father
88. Floppy Ear – When Melanie was a child she played with one of her ears so much while sucking her thumb that the cartilage became weak and now it can nearly fold in half. Odd, but I think it is cute.
89. Scar on Hand – Melanie has a little scar on her hand from making suckers when she was a child. It gives her a little street credibility and makes her kind of look tough. At least she thinks it does. Anyhow, It is cute.
90. Watch Tan Line – This is something Melanie has worked quite hard at. And to be honest, she really does have a beautiful watch tan line.
91. Waking herself up snoring – One time I was watching TV in bed and Melanie was asleep snoring. She snored so loudly; she opened her eyes and said, “Was that me?” I answered, “Yes honey, that was you.” To which She replied, “I’m sorry” I told her she didn’t have to apologize for snoring. And besides, Melanie snores beautifully.
92. Nose – I once broke my nose playing basketball. I then realized just how beautiful Melanie’s nose was. She has the perfect nose
93. Family – Melanie really does have one of the most beautiful families. There are so many different family members that have beautiful qualities inside and out it has always been amazing to me. I look up to so many members of Melanie’s family.
94. Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
95. Arm Muscles – Melanie has tone arms.
96. Spiritual Giant – Melanie is truly a spiritual giant.
97. Charisma – Melanie exuberates charisma.
98. Brain – As mentioned before. Melanie has brains. She is so smart.
99. Nice – Melanie is nice.
100. Melanie is just a simply beautiful person.

I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Sweet Heart. I love you Forever!

Your Husband,


SM said...

Wow. This is possibly the sweetest thing I have ever read. Am I the only one who will be sending it to my own husband?

Happy Birthday, Melanie!! How cool to learn so many cool things about you!!!!

The Forney Four said...

uhm, are you serious? Really, you are the perfect couple. I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!! Okay, soooo precious. Mark you just won the best man of the year award (don't tell my hubby). And MELANIE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful and wonderful and practically perfect cousin! I love and miss you and I'm thinking of you today :)


Reggs said...

YAY MELANIE!! Happy birthday, and I have loved reading all these fun facts about you. I hope you have a great birthday.
Mark, are you for real? ARE YOU FOR REAL?? You did 100 things about Melanie on her birthday?? I almost cried, this was so sweet! Melanie is fantastic, and I am so glad she has such a thoughtful husband.

Brandi said...

That was the best post I have ever read! SERIOUSLY!
Melanie- can you really MAKE shoes? I thought that was something only elves knew how to do! Please share how you do it!
Mark,as far as the Twilight hype? Well, don't knock it till you try it! Yes, men really can and do read the series! There is even a forum for Twilight dads! (you can access it on twilightmoms.com)
Now, one more thing: top ramen and buritos? Do you have them together?
Anyway, excellent post Mark, and have a very happy birthday Melanie!

Lisa said...

HERE, HERE, MARK! I agree 100% on all things said (although I didn't know about the snoring, the shoes, OR the floppy ear). I would like to add that Melanie is ALWAYS busy serving others. Her family, her friends, her friends friends. She has a 5 gallon bucket to hold things to do that is filled with 15 gallons worth of stuff.....and she does it ALL! Absolutely incredible. Melanie is also one of the strongest people I know, in all aspects, emotional, spiritual, mental, you name it. My life is definitely more blessed with her in it. Happy, Happy Birthday Mel, I sure love you! Wish I could celebrate with you!
Oh! And Mark, you are SO husband of the year, what a nice gift to give, kind words from the heart, it honestly made me cry!

Shar said...

Oh my gosh I loved this Mark! You are the best. I could hear your funny wit that I have always loved in all of the answers and it cracked me up. Alot of the hype with the twilight series is that Edward is the perfect man, beautiful, romantic, and loves Bella like every woman wants to be loved by a man. Guess what... You just showed everyone that maybe there really are Edward-like husbands out there and he's not such a fantasy character! I already knew this, because Jeff is my Edward, but it's nice for other people to see. I'm glad you and Melanie found each other and that you guys make such awesome kids together for me to enjoy! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! I love you!

Trish in Texas said...

Wow, Mel, you've got a keeper there! I'm with everyone else...that's got to be the sweetest post ever written by someone from the male gender. Straight from the heart. I'm TOTALLY sending it to my hubby! Also, from what I can tell, it's all absolutely TRUE!
Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet cousin! I hope you had a fantastic day!

DIANE said...

Do you really appreciate that man? I am speechless. Is all I can say is you deserve each other. I'm using that list for my Young Women's lesson.

shrewdjude said...

Okay, now I'm in love with you too. Prepare yourself for having women all over you at the next family reunion...

Shill and Company said...

That was such a tender post. It is wonderful to read this and see the love and admiration that Mark has for you Melanie. That was just beautiful! What a great guy!!!

I hope that you had a wonderful day Melanie. You are such a great person. I loved being your neighbor and friend. I always looked forward to going out visiting teaching with you. You have such a kind and gentle heart. You taught me a great deal by your example. You are truly amazing!

Karina said...

I love to hear about perfect couples. So sweet. Happy late birhtday, Melanie!

My Alex (8) asked me the other day what my talents are and I thought of about 4 things, 3 of which Alex said are not talents :-( I think I'll ask my husband what he sees as my talents!