Saturday, March 15, 2008


HOLY COW! Where have the last 6 months gone? I absolutely cannot believe this wonderful little baby is already half a year old!!!
We went in on 2/27 (sorry, I'm WAY behind on the blogging front) for his 6 month checkup only to find that he had a horrible ear infection. I had mentioned to the Dr. that he'd had a little trouble sleeping the past few days, which I attributed to him cutting two of his top teeth. The Dr. literally gasped when he looked in his ears and said "oh wow, his ear is REALLY infected, it's actually GREEN inside!" POOR BABY!!! I wanted to cry! Gabe ALSO had an ear infection (surprise, surprise) so we left the office with a mild antibiotic for Will (since it was his first time on it) and a kick-butt antibiotic for Gabe (since it was his THIRD time on antibiotics IN A ROW!) We went back last Friday for their ten day checkup and they had both healed perfectly, whew! Their Dr. is so good about checking everyone's ears all at the same time. He's never asked me to make seperate appts. for the other kids and always asks for updates on everyone else on every visit. He's also extremely positive and laid back. We just love Dr. Jackson!
Anyway, we got Will's 6 month stats on 2/27 but had to wait until last Friday for him to get his immunizations.
Here's how he's shaping up!

Weight: 15 pounds 4 oz (10th percentile)

Length: 27 inches (75th percentile)

Head Circ: 44 (50th percentile)

The Dr. says he's "Tall and Skinny" and growing perfectly! We just LOVE this little boy!


Christine said...

He is SOOO cute. I love those big blue eyes. He definately looks a lot older!
I hope their ear infections go away! Darn ear infections!
PS We need to have you guys over for dinner! It seems like either someone's sick, or their's something going on. We need to do it though!

SM said...

How flippin' CUTE is he!?!?

DIANE said...

Can his eyes be any bigger? You and Mark must have ten children (please refer to Kandis' blog) because they are so adorable. And since I'm a Grandma I know these things.

Danielle said...

He is so cute! I'm loving that top picture in this post - what beautiful eyes! Glad that he is happy and healthy.

AD said...

I've already asked this of Camille but no word yet so...WILL YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE ADORABLE LITTLE GUYS FOR ME??!!!

Lisa said...

He looks like a Cain baby, finally! He didn't have that look at first.....I was about to question your pool boy about his goings ons with you. LOL How CUTE is he. OMG, those eyes are going to break hearts, Mel! I can NOT believe that he is six months already. Seriously! Hey, wanna get together on Thursday?