Sunday, March 30, 2008

How fun!

I've seen this fun game on a lot of blogs lately so I thought I'd try it out. How fun!!!

81 words



SM said...

That is fun! I suck though! I only got 57! Grrr! Off to do it a few more times... :)

SM said...

Well, you convinced me! Your powers of persuasion were too much for me and I just booked a ticket to Utah! Now, that's the good news... the bad news is that I am coming solo. I would really love for you to meet my family, and especially for my kids to meet their incredibly adorable cousins, but alas, it cannot be. Jerad will still be in school and we couldn't afford to get tickets for the kids.

Anyway, I am soooooo looking forward to meeting you and your beautiful kids, and hopefully before too long, the kids can all meet each other, too. (I especially can't wait to hold your baby! I have MEGA baby fever!!!)

Danielle said...

I tried it out and typed 90 words per minute the first try... I think this is evidence that 1) I took keyboarding in junior high 2) I blog too much and 3) I have a desk/computer job. Thanks for the fun link!