Friday, August 17, 2007

Why the World needs Sisters!

I LOVE my sister! I've been wanting to write an "ode to my sister" since I started this blog but haven't done it yet. Well, yesterday was kind of a crummy day off and on... when I went to the Dr. on Monday I told him that I was feeling tons of pressure, like the baby could just fall right out of me at any moment...then when he checked me he couldn't believe how low he was and said he was easily at a "plus 2" station already and that he really COULD reach right in and pull him out. All I can say to that is UGH. By the middle of the day I'm pretty miserable and don't feel much like walking or moving, much less grocery shopping! We happen to REALLY need groceries right now as I've put off my shopping until the very last minute. SO, I planned to go yesterday as soon as Mark got off of work but the thought of going made me want to cry. Mark offered to go, but I have a "system" and I told the poor guy I won't let him go. :)

ANYWAY, yesterday - out of the blue, my sister walks in my house with milk, cereal, hamburger meat and snacks for the boys. EXACTLY enough for the day and EXACTLY enough for me not to have to go to the store afterall!!! I must have sounded worse on the phone then I thought! So, we feasted on Spagetti last night for dinner, my boys are eating a wonderful breakfast this morning and then we are off to the store while I'm refreshed and energized and before this baby makes me want to sit again for the rest of the day. I truly don't know what I'd do without her! I know I don't do as much for her as she does for me - I am SO grateful for a wonderful sister that I truly couldn't live without! We are so lucky that we have always been close. I have loved and adored her since the day I was born. My mom has said before that she used to check Sharla out of school sometimes just to watch me because I was driving her CRAZY and would do anything my sister asked. We are 10 years apart but that might as well be 10 minutes. We rarely go more than 2 days without speaking to or seeing each other. She is truly my best friend!! She treats my kids like they are her grandkids and spoils them rotten and they absolutely LOVE her. Sharla and Gabe especially have SUCH a tight relationship, when people ask me how I think Gabe will do when the new baby comes I always reply "good until Aunt Sharla tries to hold him" :) I also couldn't live without HER wonderful kids. They are so much fun and they love my kids and they are the best babysitters and friends my boys could have. Brandon has stayed the entire afternoon on a snowy day just to make a snowman with Josh, Elise was the boys' first and VERY beloved babysitter, Erika just ADORES the boys and is their official champion babysitter that we just couldn't live without - she makes everything fun, from eating lunch by making menus and playing restaurant to playing school and coloring, and Bryce shares Joshua's interest in Pokemon and Josh and Sam just love to hang out with him.

Shar, I LOVE YOU - I can't imagine my life without you! Thank you for everything you do for me EVERY SINGLE DAY and for just being there whenever I need you! I hope for my boys' sake that the bond between brothers is or can be as tight as it is between sisters, because if so, these boys are SOOO lucky!


DIANE said...

Are there enought tears in a person reading something like that. That is how I feel about the eight sisters in my life but I've never had the exact words to say it. Thanks for putting into words the exact way I feel about the eight sisters I adore.

Tiburon said...

Awww what a sweet tribute to your sisty! So does that mean you will be trying for twin girls next? ;)

Sharla said...

hi sis

Sharla said...

thank you so much that was so nice. i couldnt live without you either, or your boys, I love them!!!! you do so much for me too. i remember being so happy when i found out that mom had a baby girl! thank goodness!