Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How do I love thee??

Let me count the ways!.... So we're all downstairs getting some things moved around and doing general "house" stuff preparing for the baby when Mark says "I better go check on Gabe" only then did I realize he wasn't playing in the room anymore, and replied "you mean we have a two year old?" The next thing I heard did not sound good...it came from upstairs..."Mel, you better come and see this!"

UGH! This is the great big fat permanent marker, the kind that boasts about how permanent it is right on the package, the kind you NEVER NEVER NEVER want to find on your cabinets, refrigerator or pantry door. Mr. Clean to the RESCUE! Although this little eraser does have it's drawbacks, like don't scrub too hard, or you'll have to repaint... it is what it says it is....MAGIC! Pure WONDERFUL MAGIC - though it took me an ENTIRE square, it DID do it's job and I'm happy to report that my cabinets, appliance and walls are all marker free, no permanent damage done, though Gabe was pretty upset upon getting caught. We had to bribe him to smile here because he was sobbing saying "MOMMA, MOMMA" Poor kid, he knew he screwed up, we didn't even have a chance to discipline him about it. (sorry for the blurry photo, it was the only one I had to choose from) :)
I think I can finally say we're ready for baby Will to get here. His room is complete, clothing washed, house clean - BRING IT ON, I SAY! I am REALLY REALLY ready for him to come, I want to hold him, smell him, snuggle him and SLEEP ON MY STOMACH AGAIN! The boys can tell the time is near and get more excited by the day. The other day Sam told me that when baby Will comes he and Josh will take care of him and me and dad can take care of Gabe. I guess Gabe is already old news, they want some new blood. :)

Nothing else to report really, the boys had a fun night, they played video games for a LOT longer than I usually allow, had Pizza for dinner, jumped on the trampoline with Dad and came inside and played musical chairs with me as the music captain. AAHHH Summertime! Gabe didn't understand the whole "walk around the chairs" part and just chose to rock out to the jammin' music, dancin' away until it stopped and Mark and the boys ran to a chair, then he'd scream "MY SPOT" and attempt to steal a chair or sit on a lap. He's SO the king around here.....for a few more weeks anyway. :)


Chris and Peggy said...

Mel, I love the nursery! How are you so organized and ambitious right now? I am really impressed. And good job on keeping your cool with the marker thing. Emma once took a permanent marker to our kitchen table and I am ashamed to say I did not keep my wits enough to take pictures. (But thank goodness for Mr. Clean!)

Christine Cook said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE your baby's room! Did you guys do that?? That is incredible! You are so talented. I'm glad to hear that Carter isn't the only one that loves to destroy houses. :)

Tiburon said...

Mel that room looks awesome! Can you come and do my house?!

I LOVE me some magic eraser! :)

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Your nursery is adorable! My friend is looking for ideas for a boy room when I came across yours. It is beautiful!