Monday, August 20, 2007

3rd Grade Here I Come!!

Could he be any cuter with his happy little "wink"? I truly can't believe that my oldest child is going into 3rd GRADE! I am not doing too well at this "kids getting bigger" thing. Why can't they just stay little for a tiny bit longer? It is really going to hit us when we're not looking forward to new little babies anymore and our youngest is getting big like this - but it's hitting me like a brick now as it is. I have been choked up a little all day just missing him. Sam had his meeting with his Kindergarten teacher today too and she seems really nice, she gave him a blue bracelet that says "Be Brave" and he is very excited to start next Monday. I think she should have given ME the bracelet, because I'm pretty sure I'll need it more than he will. I'm just going to have to plan on being a mess that day with both my big helpers gone and just Mr. Gabe to keep me busy (I'm sure he's up for the challenge). Hopefully there will still be enough to do to get prepared for little Will to get here next Wed. and I'll be able to keep my mind off of them being gone. They really do help out so much during the day that I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. My chore list is going to double since they've been SO good at waking up every single day and checking off their chores one by one until they are done. They are almost always done within an hour and they're really starting to do a great job with their mastered tasks. I haven't had to sweep my kitchen floor in months....or even dust for that matter! I am so thankful for these little men of mine (most days anyway!) I think we could have traded them in yesterday though, they were SOOOO WILD!! Usually they do pretty well on Sundays because we try very hard to stress that it is the Sabbath day and they need to be reverent and do quiet things. This DID NOT work yesterday however. Mark blames it on the fact that we let them rent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on PPV on Saturday night and says that they've been wild ever since. I happened to really like the movie though...maybe it's the whole "4 brothers" theme that I liked, but I also thought it had a pretty good message overall. Anyway, they woke up this morning ready for their school day to start and very "hyper-free" so I guess it was a good "end of summer" activity after all. :) They got to eat cereal outside on Friday morning, nothing like eating breakfast in your swimsuit and playing and splashing your last day of summer away!!

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Tiburon said...

Awww what a big boy! Third grade is a tough one to swallow!