Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ice Cream!!

It is the 8th of April and the Ice Cream Truck just took a drive around our neighborhood. Sam started running after him before I could tell him he needed to go get his dollar, so then I had to SHOUT it and he ran back to me, with strict instructions that I was to "Stay HERE and watch for the truck" until he came back outside (which I didn't do because I had to grab my camera!) When we made it back to our driveway he was coming back up in the opposite direction so it worked out great! Ice Cream trucks on the 8th of April....this is going to be an expensive summer!

All gone!

On the way back to the house Sam said "Wow, this is the BEST DAY EVER!" Isn't it fun when a dollar can turn a totally normal day into the BEST DAY EVER! While eating his popsicle he was thinking....this is what Sam does - he THINKS. He is the best 5 year old thinker I know. He was thinking about Ice Cream Trucks apparently and why they play music. This is what he came up with (word for word, I happened to be typing an e-mail and just started typing his words as he spoke them):



"I think I know why the Ice Cream Truck plays music so loud."

*oh yeah? Why?*

"Because if he didn't then none kids would be able to hear him and because then his ice cream would never ever get delivered, and HE would have to eat it all. Because children can't DRIVE to chase after the car and then they wouldn't even have a dollar, but if it plays music then the kids in the HOUSES will hear it and be able to get their money and run outside. "

*Yep Sam, I think you're right!*

This is what baby Will thought about us leaving him playing on the floor while we went to get ice cream....not happy...not happy ONE bit! Oh, but don't those eyes just KILL you!!


Cindy said...

That's crazy that you had an ice cream truck in your neighborhood today. I think it's still so cold out for ice cream. Isn't it great that such small things make kids so happy though. That is so cute that you got a picture of him buying the popsicle!

SM said...

So cute!! I love his explanation! What a clever boy!

Malena said...

Your blogs are so entertaining! Wills face is so sad that it makes me want to cry too! :)

Cindy said...

Mel - You're tagged! This is the first time I've done this. I hope it will be fun. Check out my blog for details. :)

DIANE said...

Can that conversation be any cuter? The whole conversation made perfect sense to me!