Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh...not again!

My POOR cat. This is his favorite place to sleep in the house...especially since we got leather furniture and he refuses to sit or lay on it (YAY). Well, when it is time for the rightful owner of the bouncy seat to sit in his chair I always kick the cat out by just lifting up the chair and turning it upside down - not nice, I know...but I'm usually holding Will in the other hand so I only have one hand to work with...ANYWAY, yesterday Gabe kept putting a plush Lightning Mcqueen talking car in the seat with him. The car talks when it gets smashed or even touched it seems because I kicked the cat out the first time and the car fell out too and said "Hey! I'm not supposed to be smashed!" it took me by surprise because I didn't realize it was there. Then a few hours later the cat and the car were back in the seat and I kicked him out and the car said "OH, NOT AGAIN!" I don't know why this struck me as hilariously funny but it did, it was such perfect timing I guess and it was totally like Toby (the cat) was saying "OH, not again!!" he,he,he! I often wonder if some of his best dreams include being 50 times bigger than us and dumping us out of bouncy chairs or baskets of laundry. HA! Funny stuff.


Shar said...

Okay, I have to agree, that is really funny! Kiss my baby for me and tell him to come and see me, peeez. ( my head is tilted and I'm flashing my big brown eyes)

Lisa said...

That is HILARIOUS! Not only the talking car/cat. But the fact that Gabe tucks him in with a stuffed "friend". Too bad it wasn't caught on video!

Shar said...

Okay these pics make me miss my babies terribly. I just want to munch on them right this minute!

sis if your awake call my cell:)