Thursday, February 26, 2009

Once again, out of the mouth of Gabe

Hey mom?" (thanks to his big brothers, this is how every new sentence starts)


"We are not supposed to drink Al-toe-hall, right mom?"

-Yes, that's right, we're not supposed to drink alcohol, it is very bad for us.

"Yep, and if people see that you are drinking alcohol they might think you are like a pirate or a skeleton, right mom?"

-Hmm, maybe!

"Yeah, but it's okay to dress UP like a pirate, but just not if you're going to the Temple, right mom?"

-Yes, it would not be a good idea to dress up like a pirate to go to the Temple. How did you get so smart?




"I have a booger in my eye, can you get it?"

Ah, the randomness that comes from this little boy constantly astounds me. Another one of our favorite "Gabe-isms" is his song that combines "I.AM.IRON.MAN" (black sabbath) with "I am a child of God" he starts out with the Iron man and ends with the Child of God. Seriously, WHERE did he come from?! He is such a fun, and funny little kid. We love you "super Dabe!" (his favorite nickname for himself - and also appropriately the name for his Mii character)


Peggy said...

So adorable.

Do you take all the gorgeous pictures of your boys? They are awesome.

Trish in Texas said...

Oh, I just love that! Your description just had me smiling all over. What a sweet boy. Pirate clothes to the temple...I wonder if it's ever happened!

Anaise said...

3 year olds remain my favorite talkers--they say the best stuff, and your cute Gabe is no exception!

Karina said...

Sooo cute. Priceless.

SM said...

That is too stinking cute! I love the I am a child of God thing! How funny!

DIANE said...

Their little minds just go a mile a minute. That was adorable. You amaze me at how you can write their words and I can just hear them saying the phrase. So adorable.

Brandi said...

Ahoy thar matie!
I am pretty sure Iron Man is a child of god too, so it all works out!
Cute story! I love how you write!
p.s. it's too bad today isn't International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

Reggs said...

I had no idea that skeletons were such alcoholics!
SOOOO FUNNY!! It makes me wish that funny little kids like that never grow up!

Rhyetta Musser said...

What a cute story!! Just like your kids!

Shill and Company said...

What a funny boy!

meg said...

Hey Melanie, the email I have for you didn't work, so here's what I wrote...
I didn't do 2 layers of paint on the Nerd Herd shirt, except for the red on the circle. I painted with a little white first so the red would be more vibrant. I just used the cut outs of the little guy to put back over the black, then painted the white around it. I'm glad you liked it so. And, you can comment any time on my blog, silly. :)