Friday, January 23, 2009

OH.... Mamma Mia!

The boys have expressed a little interest in wanting to watch the movie Mamma Mia lately. They are plenty familiar with the songs, thanks to a mommy that likes to blast the soundtrack while cleaning the house. Plus, their cousins Kyle and Kole mentioned while visiting a few weeks ago that they've seen the movie and liked it so that piqued their interest a little more. They are off track right now so we thought it would be a fun activity to do yesterday. They laid out blankets and popped a bowl of popcorn while I laid the squeaky Will down to nap.

There were 4 parts I knew I didn't want them to see so I was ready for them. I diverted their attention during the "part" in the beginning of "Dancing Queen", made them close their eyes so as not to see Bill's bum (but Sam peeked, I know because he couldn't supress his giggle quietly enough), skipped completely over the "does your mother know" song, and made them study a speck of dust on the ceiling fan during the man-to-man "embrace" at the end. I'm positive that the other innuendo's (and there are plenty) went completely over their head. We had a wonderful discussion about "traditional" vs. Temple marriages, and a touching discussion over why I don't like the song "Slipping through my fingers" because though they are still small I can't help but feel like they are growing up too fast. They thought this was funny because apparently they don't think they are growing up fast enough. Groan.
Later on they tried to remember the words to "Super Trouper" while putting on their pajamas. They came out to the kitchen and practiced outloud to see who could remember the most words using me as their helper and judge. It wasn't until Gabe started to orbit the kitchen table showing off his newly acquired dance moves and singing "Mamma ee-yuh, here we doe uh-den, my my...." that I began to wonder if maybe they should be spending a little more time with Daddy.


Anaise said...

I think it is so funny/sweet that they would cooperate with you over not seeing parts of the movie!!!

My girls would be demanding not only to see those parts but to know why they were bad, why other parts weren't bad in comparison, and then see other movies with similar bad parts so that they could compare for themselves . . .

they're not all that keen on trusting Mommy's judgement.

It sounds like a cute adventure--what will Daddy do with them when it is his turn, I wonder!!!

Jaime said...

I haven't seen this movie yet but I enjoyed reading about how it went over with your boys! You have a gorgeous family. :)

SM said...

Love that movie! Soundtrack is awesome!

Reggs said...

Okay Mel, you'll have to help me here. I rented that movie and just could NOT get through it.
I love Meryl Streep AND Pierce Brosnan.
How could I not like this movie? I just kind of felt like it was over the top and unrealistic. But maybe that is the fun of it?
Help me, Mel.

The Riding's said...

Hey Aunt Mel,
You are such a cute mom. I love reading your blog to hear all of the cute things you do with them. No wonder I always wanted to play with you when I was little! I always cry when I listen to that slipping through your fingers song because I feel my little girl is growing up way way to fast before I know it she will be two like her older brother and more demanding and mean and less cute and sweet!
:( I miss you, we should really get together for lunch! I love you.

Brandi said...

how cute!

tiburon said...

LOVE the music. I thought the movie was horrible. I am really glad I didn't pay to see the Broadway show.

I think my friend said it best:

The music is not distracting enough for me to get past the stupidity of what I am seeing and what I am witnessing being celebrated right in front of my eyes. I'm not appalled, I know how the world really is. Nor am I a snoot or prude; but really, my idea of good entertainment does not include a story line where the young daughter, soon to be married, finds out that her father could be any one of 3 different men. Oh, and the daughter is all jubilant and thrilled to be on this singing adventure with her mom to try and figure out which of the 3 various males donated the sperm, 20 or so years ago. It's just one big rejoice fest as we celebrate unmarried sex, unprotected sex, illegitimacy, fornication and freedom from moral living in every way, which really is no freedom at all. All done to an audience filled with many church going upstanding citizens who preach against this way of living come Sunday afternoon.